Loretta Davis – NSW

I’ve worked in early education for 8 years or so now. I began with my certificate III, then moved to completing my diploma and now I’m not too far off completing my Bachelor of Early Education (0-5 years). My studies have greatly influenced not only my knowledge, but my practices. I’ve worked in a variety of services, community run, for profit, big and small. I’ve been an assistant, a room leader and am now 3IC at my current service.


A few years ago I found a big passion within myself for children’s rights, which stemmed from what I was learning in my studies. A big focus of mine is adapting and reflecting upon our practices to consider the effects on children’s rights and the UNCRC. I feel that Australia has so much capacity to help children achieve outcomes and have access to quality education, and that our educators can help strive to achieve this. With motivation and support from educators that I have met and worked with, my passion continues to grow and I’m excited to be a part of a collective looking to enhance our practitioners knowledge and abilities through information and advocacy.

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