Would you like to tap into the collective wisdom of a whole profession?
Of course you would, so would every other Education and Care practitioner across Australia.

As your professional Body, we are committed to showcasing good practices in a positive light. Authentic, realistic practice stories from grass-roots practitioners like yourselves, help us to help other practitioners to raise the bar in Education and Care. As an Education and Care practitioner you have a professional responsibility under the ECA Code of Ethics to build and share knowledge, experiences and resources with colleagues.

Do you have a practice story, policy, provision or learning space you are proud of that you would like to share with others? We would like to hear all about it. Sharing good practice with colleagues adds to their professional toolkit and extends on their skills and knowledge. If everyone shared one story of good practice, imagine the learning opportunities.

You will benefit from seeing how others program; take a peek into other services’ policies and practices; discover a new resource or an affordable, creative way of presenting your environment. Maybe it’s a sustainable practice or how you have established real connections with your families and communities. Whatever your practice, resource or story, if it is working well, we want to showcase your success and help others to also achieve good outcomes. After all – why reinvent the wheel, right? Your workloads are already full enough. We need to work smarter, save time and put the enjoyment back into your day.

Share your practice story now

ECW Ideal and Exceptional members are rewarded for sharing their professional experience and wisdom

By submitting your story, images and supporting documents, you agree to all information being published. Service policies and documents will be converted to PDF, watermarked and protected to minimise possible breaches of your intellectual property.

Only images of children that are unrecognisable will be published without explicit permission. It is the service’s responsibility to ensure parent permission is sought prior to submitting images of children for publication. It will be assumed that any images of adults have been submitted with their consent.

Practitioners and services will be notified by email if their story will be published. Permission of practitioners will be sought if any editing of the story is required for publication purposes.

All stories, images and supporting documents will remain the property of the author and may be used by ECW to promote the skills, knowledge and expertise of the EC profession.

As an ECW member, in return for sharing your practice stories with ECW and adding to the professional toolkit of your colleagues, we want to return the favour. If your practice story, policy, provision or learning space is shared through any of our ECW Updates or Newsletters, we have the following offerings to add to your toolkit:

  • Stories may be shared as a Good Practice Story in an ECW newsletter and published on our website. Each shared story will receive a $100 ECW Credit.
  • Stories that include supporting documentation (e.g., policy, sample procedure, documentation) will receive a $200 ECW Credit
  • ECW Credits can be used with any of our Professional Collaborators listed or to attend ECW Professional Development.

Note: Registration does not include travel or accommodation to attend the event. ECW Credits are not transferable for cash, nor will any credit be offered if the cost of Professional Development is less than the value of the voucher. If for any reason you are unable to attend the event, please cancel your registration in time to secure a full refund or transfer registration across to a colleague of your choice. Prizes paid for and not utilised within the life of the credit may be withdrawn at the expense of the prize winner.

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