Valuing Educators


ECW is the peak professional body for the education and care workforce. Membership is open to all individuals working in education and care.

As an education and care professional the work you do is not always visible or valued. ECW is working to get you the professional recognition you deserve.

Your support enables us to give theĀ education and care workforce a voice. Through nationwide advocacy, exposure and access to affordable ongoing learningĀ opportunities. By choosing membership with ECW you are recognising and demonstrating your professionalism and commitment to a positive vision for the future of the education and care profession.

How will you connect?

ECW Exceeding Membership (Monthly)

$30per month
$30per month
  • ECW Exceeding Membership

ECW Membership (Annual)

$80per year
$80per year
  • ECW Membership

ECW Membership (Monthly)

$8per month
$8per month
  • ECW Membership
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Are you already a member of other peaks or associations?

As an active member of the Education and Care profession, ECW supports your initiative to advance your professional development. Contact us with a scanned copy of your current membership, and when verified you will receive a discount code for 20% off your ECW membership to use at checkout.


Eligible discounts apply if you have membership with any of these peaks or their state equivalent:

  • Early Childhood Australia ECA
  • Family Day Care Association FDCA
  • Child Australia

NB: If you have membership with a peak EC body not listed here please let us know and we would be happy to consider your discount.

Professional Membership

“The first step toward professional recognition”

Student Membership

Are you currently enrolled in either the Cert III or Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care? We would like to extend to you once offĀ 12 month FREEĀ Ā ECW Professional Body membership. We want you to get the best start in your new career as an Education and Care Professional.

ECW Membership is a sound financial investment in your team and your business.

Education and Care settings can invest in their own organisations future through ECW Membership for their whole team.Ā Ā 

Subsidised and government funded PD is a thing of the past. ECW is the future of subsidised Professional Development and support for Education and Care professionals.Ā  Working together we can grow a confident, skilled and sustainable education and care professional workforce.

In the commercial space you can pay upwards of $300 for a full days PD with ECW the PD is delivered at cost averagingĀ aroundĀ $100 for a full day.

For example:

  • 20 Educators x 2 PD annually @ $300 ea = $600 (avg)Ā  totaling $12,000 annually in PD
  • 20 Educators x 2 PD annually @ $100 ea = $200 (avg) totaling $4,000 annually in PD
  • Membership with ECW can save youĀ around $8,000 annually.

A supported, confident, skilled and sustainable team:

  • saves you thousands in advertising andĀ recruitment costs
  • builds consistency in care and practices across your setting
  • builds on quality outcomes for children
  • improves your businesses community image
  • increases brand awareness and association with consistent quality education and care
  • Consistent and skilled team will contribute to improved A&R outcomes

Not to mention all of the other member discounts and benefits that go along with ECW membership that will support your education and care practitioners to stay connected and informed while growing in skill, confidence and professionalism.

ECW Professional Body Membership is a sound investment in your team and your business.

NB:Ā  ECW Professional Body membership is for the education and care practitioner and the benefits and rewards can only be accessed by the individual member.

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