The National PRB members have been identified as having significant skill, knowledge and expertise in their field, along with a proven commitment to supporting and raising the profile of the education and care workforce.

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The National PRB members generously offered their support to assist establish the Australian Education and Care Workforce Professional Body, recognising the potential for the ECW to be able to:

  • Provide one strong national voice for the profession,
  • Build confidence and professional identity,
  • Acknowledge and showcase quality practices,
  • Share practice wisdom,
  • Inform and influence quality practice,
  • Build shared understanding,
  • Support reflective conversations,
  • Support networking,
  • Connect with peak bodies and recognised authorities,
  • Make synergies across sectors and support practice visibility
  • Promote the value of ongoing professional development, and
  • Promote leadership across the profession.

PRB Guidelines:

  • The PRB will consist of representatives from across the states and territories
  • Representatives will come from a range of EC backgrounds and will be highly regarded by the wider profession for their expertise and practice wisdom
  • Representatives will be recognised by their peers for their expertise, practice wisdom, advocacy, strength-based approach and ongoing support of professional growth to practitioners in the EC profession
  • The PRB will be proactive and responsive to issues within the profession and contribute information and content through ECW publications for distribution to ECW members and if appropriate to the whole profession
  • PRBs will draw on the ECA Code of Ethics to inform and guide their own practice as well as the information and support offered to the profession
  • The PRB will consider member feedback to plan, prioritise and reinvestment into the profession

National Professional Practice Reference Body

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