National Professional Reference Body (PRB)

The role of the PRB is to advocate for the education and care workforce and to contribute to the strategic direction of ECW on a national scale. They will be entrusted by ECW members to invest members’ funds wisely for the purpose of working toward the ECW vision of elevating the education and care workforce, their wealth of knowledge, expertise, and practice wisdom.

Appointment to either the National Professional PRB or your state or territory Professional Collective (PC) will be through member nomination and voting.

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Professional Collectives (PC)

The role of the PC in each state and territory will be to represent and advocate for their education and care workforce. They will be professional, proactive and reflective contributors to their profession. They will be highly regarded by their peers and be known to actively network with and support the growth and development of other education and care practitioners in their own communities.

They will also have the necessary skills, knowledge and capacity to be able to identify and source information that is relevant and significant to practitioners in their state or territory.

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