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The rise of a scheduled childhood and the importance of pottering about.

The rise of a scheduled childhood and the importance of pottering about Most of my family are based in Queensland, and I was lucky to be brought up in a spacious, cosy home, with a giant back yard. My childhood memories are of playing with the dogs, rotating the numerous guinea pig hutches around the yard so they got lots […]

Do you feel Educators are respected and Valued?

Do you feel our profession is respected and valued? It was a simple question ECW asked in a recent Educator survey. The response 91.67 % of respondents said ‘NO’, while 133 respondents in a profession of over 160,000 is a drop in the ocean, the sentiments are echoed time and time again through the media and in Education and Care […]

Dot paintings with children

Aboriginal Dot Painting with children   Educators consistently strive to engage children in respectful conversations and activities designed to increase awareness and understanding of Aboriginal cultures. For many Educators the go to cultural experience is the dot painting. While the intent is well meaning there are a few protocols we would like to share with you when undertaking dot paintings with children […]

Reflections of an Educator

Uniforms – Reflections of an Educator Authored by Olivia Vollbrecht   Applying the hand, head and heart technique, to examine my views on Uniforms in the Early Learning setting; Hand, my practical self acknowledges the benefits of uniforms. As I dress for work each day, a mental checklist rattles off… hot day = messy play… Cold day = messy play… little […]

Showcasing Good Practice – Education and Care Practitioner (ECP) stories of good practice.

  • Showcasing Good practice stories and exploring what that looks like on the ground for education and care practitioners on a daily basis is a great way to share knowledge, expertise and practice wisdom
  • To provide additional support, many of the good practice stories will include actual examples of working documents that support the featured practices
  • Supporting good practice also includes posts written by highly skilled and experienced EC professional and specifically designed around topics identified by our members to inform grass roots practitioners to explore and reflect further 
  • Regular stories and posts offer education and care practitioners opportunities to inform practices and assist practitioners to articulate and reflect on quality practice, engage in professional discussions with colleagues, families and communities
  • Members will be invited to share their good practice stories and in return will be rewarded with an ECW voucher to spend on PD or resources through our professional collaborators.

Showcasing Good practices in the field of Education and Care

Stories to inform and inspire your practice

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