Educator Festival

Educator Festival

Educator Festival – ‘Practical hands on learning that’s Fun and Meaningful’
Sept 14th & 15th, 2018

Friday Sept 14, 2018

Team building Evening

The Festival will kick off at 6.30 pm on the evening of Friday Sept 14, 2018. Whole teams can come together to participate in an evening of fun learning designed to connect and strengthen teams over a range of creative learning experiences.

“Life Needs Balance is the New Black.”

This evening presentation is designed by Sandi and Chris Phoenix from Phoenix Support for Educators, to help educators be at their best. Life needs balance therefore is about understanding, filling, and maintaining full cups, to ensure:
· Greater relationships with yourself and others
· Higher resilience
· Increased productivity
· Psychological wellbeing
This is a fun and engaging presentation which includes some mind reading games, as well as a small hypnosis like demonstration, while remaining relevant at all times.

Educators will also enjoy a relaxed meal together followed by an evening of fun, games, surprises and plenty of prizes. Limited places are available for this opportunity and accommodation is available to stay overnight.

Saturday Sept 15, 2018

Breakfast Keynote

The Developing Brain – The Pivotal periods covering the Early years and Teenage years 

The morning will commence with breakfast at 7 am followed at 8.30 am by a keynote presentation from Nathan ‘Mikaere’ Wallis – Neuroscience Educator.


Intimate Master Class with Nathan ‘Mikaere’ Wallis

This is an exclusive, intimate offer and will be limited to a small group of Educators. Registration opportunities will be opened first to ECW financial members. They will have 14 days to snap up this opportunity before we open places up to non – ECW members.

The 2 hr Master classes will either run from 10 am – 12 pm or from 12.30 pm – 2.30 pm. You will have the opportunity to explore and unpack Brain Development for babies and children. How the brain works and how neuroscience can better inform your day to day interactions with babies and children. Understand Attachment and Trauma and gain the knowledge needed to assist you to build stronger relationships with children, respond thoughtfully and support the development of emotional competence.

You will explore:

  • How a child’s brain works and matures including the different parts of the brain such as the frontal cortex, the influence of plasticity, and the reptilian brain.
  • What the research has shown about the ideal physical, emotional, educational and social conditions under which the developing brain functions at its best.
  • What are the implications of this knowledge for professional practice with children.
  • What approaches and interventions work best from a neuroscience perspective and how to turn an outburst, argument or fear into a chance to integrate a child’s brain and foster vital social and emotional development.
  • From a neuroscience perspective, what are the common pitfalls professionals make when working with children and which of our current approaches have been shown to be less helpful then we thought.
  • Practice considerations when working with children who have experienced early life trauma which may have impacted upon their early brain development.


The Festival

The ECW Festival offers Educators an array of practical hands on learning experiences that are fun, innovative and informative. Wander through the festival at your own leisure, connect with friends and colleagues and engage in what interests you. Speak with the Exhibitors, participate in a Micro PD session and gather a range of resources, ideas and practical knowledge that you can apply to your practices.
The Micro sessions are planned hands on mini Professional Development experiences designed as a provocation of learning, to introduce you to learning experiences that you will inform you thinking and practice and specifically for you to be able to take the experience and learning back to your settings. To apply to your practice or implement  into your programs and planned experiences for children.

Through your participation in a Micro session, you will gain understanding of the experience and be supported to take the learning and provocations back to your setting to implement into your programs. You will be provided with a fact sheet about the experience with links to theorists, child development, the approved learning frameworks and the National Quality Standard. You can then discuss the learning in further detail with the presenter or explore  other possibilities for future learning and development.

You will be able to explore the Exhibits and discover a range of resources that you can purchase to incorporate into your programs or consider the potential and possibilities of the products and services Exhibitors have on display to meet your professional needs.

Micro Professional Development and learning sessions will range from story telling, art, craft, drama and programming, to music and cultural experiences, yarning circles and interpretive  indigenous dance.

The complete program of the Micro learning experiences and Exhibitors will be made available as they are finalised, leading up to and prior to the day and again on the day of the Educator Festival in your Festival resource bag.

You can attend the full day or attend for just for a few hours. You do not need to book into any of the Micro Sessions just come along connect with colleagues, fill up on ideas and join in the Micro PD sessions that interest you and gather the knowledge, skills, resources and information that will support you in your role. Most importantly enjoy the day.


Opportunities  available

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