Valuing Educators Conference 2019 –
‘100 Professional Perspectives’

The conference for Educators that connects, informs & elevates

March 1st &/or 2nd, 2019

The ECW Valuing Educators conference is like no other. It showcases the work of Educators, their challenges and successes. Sharing good practices that you can relate to learn from and be inspired by. Because we believe good practices that come from Educators like yourself are real, the learnings are authentic, meaningful and transferable.

Why attend our conference… because it’s exhausting reinventing the wheel, researching and attending endless professional development. There is a wealth of information out there, research articles, academic papers, reports, case studies and so much to learn. At times it can all be a bit overwhelming. It may even seem totally unachievable and difficult to know where to begin. The problem then, is in that moment we dismiss the possibility and keep doing what we know, what is familiar, what has always been done. Because it is just easier

We’re here to tell you it is achievable, you can achieve so much more, for the children, for yourself and for the profession…. We all begin our journey somewhere, the academics, those delivering the keynote addresses and workshops began their careers somewhere. ECW aims to walk alongside you, sharing good practice stories that you can relate to, contextualise and use as a base to build on your own current practices.

We know you want to make a real difference, we know how rewarding working with children can be and we want you to be able to achieve great things. Most of all we want you to enjoy the work you do, we want to reduce the stress and bring back the enjoyment of being with and learning alongside the children in your care.

At the ECW Valuing Educators Conference, you are an active participant in your learning, you will relate to the challenges and successes of your peers and discover ways to overcome the very challenges you face in your own every day practices. You will grow professionally through the professional discussions and the ability to engage face to face with content specialists and more knowledgeable others. You will gain insight and find solutions to the real questions that are coming from the sector on a range of grass roots topics relevant to you.

The ECW Valuing Educators conference will not only be the most meaningful and authentic choice for you and your team to grow in skills and confidence. It will be the most affordable conference on the Professional Development calendar. Your participation will also support ECW’s work to connect, inform and elevate Educators and the Education and Care Workforce.

Join in the discussion with our content specialists and sector representatives to explore …

What are the challenges and how we can work together to overcome the barriers that are complicating your work, contributing to your stress and keeping our profession down?


Our profession has always been viewed as kind and caring people who look after children, with the perception that these are the primary and only skills needed to work with children. We are in fact kind and caring people but we are also highly skilled and qualified professionals. The introduction of the NQF and the the title of Educator has lifted the perception of our roles but not to the heights that would bestow upon us a professional standing or an associated professional wage.

With an increased focus on the early years, our profession is on the door step of significant change we are knocking on the door and about to enter into a time and space where we can achieve ownership over our own professional futures. Our voices are getting stronger and our profession is on the brink of attaining greater professional recognition with the capacity to speak with influence.

Mystery Panelist – Do you have a perspective you would like heard?

As you know the ECW Valuing Educators Conference is all about Educators, your voices and your stories. We are also about connecting, informing and elevating educators and we are looking for educators with the courage to share their stories of practice.

We are looking for Educators who are passionate about practice, children and sharing their knowledge and skills with others. Educators who want a future where the work you do is recognised and valued. A future where Educators influence decisions that impact on policy and practices relating to you, your role, your work and outcomes for children and families.

If you want to contribute to the conversation or have a practice story you would like to share then , download the application to join the panel and share your practice story. Join us on our journey to create a better future for all.

Valuing Educators Conference 2019

ECW Professional Body Membership is less than $2 per week and offers you hundreds $$$ in savings, association with your professional body, information and updates to inform and support you in your role as an Education and Care professional. A stronger Educator voice for positive change.

Working together we can shape a future where Educators are valued influencer’s in the future of ECEC.

All Sponsorship and Exhibitor Enquires to

Service Visits  – March 1st

ECW Members $120.00 / Non Member $240.00 / Register before December 31st and save ECW Member $100/Non Member $200

We have three incredible services for you to visit. Each service’s philosophy, practices and ways of being are unique to them, their environments and their communities.

Pelicans Nest Early Learning Centre

Pelican Waters, Golden Beach Kindergarten and Childcare

Milford Lodge

Major Sponsor


Making Educating Visible – Shining a spotlight on ourselves with Stephen Gallen

No More Gaps with Jennifer Ribarovski

Gender – What does it have to do with me with Wendy Shepherd

Sharing Practices from the Field

Advocacy in Action – Small changes for big benefits; Leadership opportunities for Educators and Teachers through Advocacy roles with Loretta Davis

Changing perspectives Challenging Practices; How has having an outdoor classroom changed me as a Teacher with Vanessa Wainwright

Loose Parts the How and Why with Angus Gorrie

Valuing the Village with Narelle Dawson and Molly Stewart

Exploring the Pedagogy of Respectful Inclusion with April Cunningham

One day attendance  – Friday Service visits or Saturday presentations and discussions

ECW Members $120.00 / Non Member $240.00 / Register before December 31st and save ECW Member $100/Non Member $200

Both days attendance  – Friday and Saturday / Service visits, presentations and discussions

ECW Members $240.00 / Non Member $480.00 / Register before December 31st and save ECW Member $200/Non Member $400

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