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Our Social Networks will showcase content relevant to Education and Care professional and the vision of ECW. Content shared through our social networks will come from the vast array of organisations dedicated to Early Learning and quality early learning environments for children. Content shared will inform, validate, challenge and provoke education and care practitioners to reflect on their thinking and practice. Content will be guided by our professional body members and our Critical Friends with opportunity for broader professional engagement and reflective conversation.

Critical Friends

Critical Friends are recognised by their peers for their expertise, advocacy, strength-based approach and ongoing support of professional growth to practitioners in the EC profession.

Critical friends will be appointed as administrators on the ECW social networks to support reflective conversations that facilitate followers to remain positive and collaborative when offering contributions to posts.

Critical Friends will draw on the ECA Code of Ethics to inform and guide their own practice as well as the information, content and support offered to the profession.


Online bullying will not be tolerated. Anyone whose posts are deemed to be inappropriate, disempowering or aggressive in nature will be supported to provide their views in a respectful manner. Ongoing posts that are deemed inappropriate, divisive, disrespectful or aggressive will be removed and the poster will be blocked from posting further.

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