Have you read this Showcasing Good Practice  story titled The Climbing Tree by Angela Albert and Carolyn Atkinson from Mackay Kindergarten. They are sharing with us a story about a beautiful old Poinciana tree in the playground that their children loved to climb. They share with us the role this tree played in their program around risk and sustainability.  

Here at ECW, we love bringing your attention to useful articles, videos, podcasts and other materials that promote a range of approaches to the provision of education and care programmes. A big part of the education and care landscape is play.

To assist you to further explore the role of risky play in your programs you may want to explore the Play Our Way podcast. Play Our Way is where “play advocates Trisha Dean and Sandi Phoenix climb up on their soapbox and share insights, ideas, and opinions on all things early learning.” 

When it comes to play, managing risk is an area that education and care practitioners are continually reflecting on and exploring further. Here you can Listen to Sandi and Trisha talk about the topic of risky play.


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