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A fun recipe with mandarins

Here’s an interactive and fun citrus dessert recipe that children would love and it will also encourage them to eat fruit as dessert! 


Step 1) Peel Mandarins

Working with the children – Peel all the mandarins and separate the segments.

Step 2) Cut Mandarins

Slice the bottom off of two segments that are facing each other, diagonally. Secure with a toothpick to keep it into place.

Step 3) Freeze Mandarins

Place on parchment paper and freeze mandarin hearts. (You can also take the opportunity to freeze other  freezing-step-for-cuties-candy-768x256heart shaped fruit such as strawberries and banana slices.)

Step 4) Melt Chocolate

After about an hour of freezing the mandarin hearts, melt chocolate for dipping.

chocolate-covered-cuties-from-shk-768x568Step 5) Dip mandarins

Dip mandarin hearts in melted chocolate, and re-freeze until ready to eat.

Inspiration for the recipe:

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