Alfie’s Big Wish/Alfie’s Search For Destiny
David Hardy, RRP: $19.95

These companion titles are hopefully just the start of many adventures for David Hardy’s adorable Alfie – a young boy searching for the meaning of life as only a little boy can! With his feet in the sand and his head in the clouds he tests the boundaries of friendship, family relationships and his physical environment, putting big life questions into delightful child-friendly contexts.



David Hardy is an Indigenous author and illustrator whose work history includes time at the Disney animation studios. The cartoon connection is clear in the stunning outback landscapes and beautifully expressive characters he’s created for the Alfie books, which would be right at home on the big screen.


Alfie lives in the outback and is dressed in a version of traditional Indigenous attire, but his quests are not all that different from those of any child wrestling with ideas about who they are and where they belong. In Alfie’s Big Wish, we see a lonely Alfie trying to find a new friend. In Alfie’s Search For Destiny, our young hero recognizes that home is where the heart is. Stories like this are perfect for talking about the similarities between children in different cultural spaces, whilst also celebrating the differences.


These books are available online from Global Kids Oz. We stock a wide range of books and other multicultural resources that make teaching about diversity easy, inclusive and fun!


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