Professional Development: An Investment in Professionalism

With the Inclusion Professional Support Program (IPSP) winding up on June 30th and Long Day Care services receiving their final instalment of Long Day Care Professional Development Program (LDCPDP) funding, subsidised professional development for Education and Care has come to an end.

We know professional development is essential for each and every profession and the Children’s Services field is no exception. We all live and work in ever-changing environments requiring us as practitioners to keep abreast of current research and regulatory changes whilst also building our skills and knowledge to enable us to build competence and become proficient at what matters: caring for and educating young children.

Professional development occurs in many ways and while face-to-face ongoing learning is recognised as the most effective, it is also in many cases the most expensive. The truth is professional development doesn’t always mean attending a formal workshop or conference. It can also occur through informal means like mentoring and coaching from a more experienced colleague, researching and reading through professional journals, magazines or websites; keeping a reflective journal; through networking with others, participating in professional conversations and sharing practice stories like those offered through professional membership with ECW.

Without the subsidies, attending professional development is going to be a lot more expensive for Education and Care practitioners and we want to help out. Not only can we assist you by identifying professional development providers in your area recognised for their expertise and quality delivery, but our members will be able to access these providers at a discounted price. In return for sharing good practice stories – the challenges, successes and learnings – members will receive access to FREE professional development.

For all members: You will have the opportunity to learn from the experiences of other education and care professionals, supporting you to be reflective and to explore possibilities for your own practices. All of this while adding to your own repertoire of experiences, growing in knowledge and skill that will enable to you work smarter, plan more effectively, become more reflective and articulate your thinking and practices as a professional.

By investing in yourself and your own professional development, you are not only acknowledging your own professionalism, you are investing in the entire education and care workforce.  By working together, we can change attitudes about the work we do and the role we play in children’s learning and wellbeing.  Regulations, standards and qualifications alone do not ensure quality delivery of programs. Research shows that the biggest contributing factor to quality outcomes in education and care are YOU – the practitioners. Your attitude, commitment, knowledge and skills is going to make the difference.

ECW provides a platform for sharing, knowledge, skills and practice wisdom. The blogs, practice stories, updates, newsletters and journals come from practitioners working in the EC profession, practitioners like yourself. What are you doing that can support others in their practice? Share your story with us through our member website and in turn be rewarded through a range of discounts and offers from recognised education and care experts and suppliers. There is a wealth of information, practice knowledge, skills and expertise in the profession. Let’s tap into it for the benefit of us all!


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